Children's Behavioral Health Services, Inc. (CBHS) was established by Christina Graham Ouellette in January 2000. With a staff of 6 very talented individuals, CBHS began carrying out its mission to provide quality services to children with special mental health needs. The wraparound program was quickly established and was immediately embraced by the local community.

In January 2004, the "New Dawn Partial Hospitalization Program" opened its doors. The New Dawn program currently provides intensive treatment to children 3 to 5 years old.

By mid-year 2004, CBHS began training staff in neuro-cognitive rehabilitation assessment and neuro-developmental techniques developed by Dr. Michelle MacAlpine, adding yet another state-of-the-art program to meet the needs of our clients.

During the last twelve years, families, schools, and agencies have all come to rely on our ability to meet the outstanding and unique needs of our clients. As a result, CBHS has grown from a staff of 10 to a staff of over 150 employees. Currently, CBHS continues to move forward with our mission through a variety of progressive services and programs for special populations.

In January 2008 the Graham Academy, a private academic school, designed for children with Autism or social and emotional challenges, was established.